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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Night Our World Series and other board books...

Good Night Our World Series....Board Books

Board books have been around a very very long time. If you think about it, tablets made out of wood held together with leather tongs were a primitive version. They could be easily wiped clean and used again in schools. What we see in today's market is a highly sophisticated form of this early board book. Just think of all of the imaginative board books you have seen in the stores for the young that activate the senses: touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight. Series of books, licensed books with favorite television and movie characters, books with accessories, books with CD's and pop-ups, puzzles, and so much more. So for the next few posts I have many board books to share with you.

Board books are just great for young children who don't quite have the developmental dexterity to handle paper pages without ripping them. They are just right for small hands. Most important I think is they withstand the high usage they get when you here the welcomed pleading of an emergent reader say, " Can we read________again?"

The Good Night Our World Series is a wonderfully entertaining board book series with vivid illustrations for young children. Age appropriate for 3-7 year old children depending on whether it is used as a read aloud or read alone. One of the main writers for the series is Adam Gamble and most books are illustrated by Cooper Kelley. The teaming is a great combination that benefits kids. Each book takes the reader on a visit to a different environment to learn about the world. Some titles for example are Good Night Farm, Good Night World, Good Night World, Good Night Zoo to name a few.
I think they will be a great hit with children everywhere.

Thanks to Independent Publishers Group for providing these books for review.

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