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Monday, July 13, 2009

Animal fun touch and feel board books by Ticktock Media, Ltd

Published by Ticktock Media, Ltd.
May, 2009

This series of preschool board books have just the right combination of rhyming verse with inserted cutouts of various tactile surfaces to engage inquisitive listeners. These science based concept books are adorable. Their vibrant eye-catching pictures are an engaging source for teaching counting, colors, opposites and simple first words with funny rhyme and verse. The textures vary from a soft supple patent leather of an Orca whale to a sandpaper starfish. These books are tempting treats for the young tots. Read alone 4-5 year old, read independently 6+ years.

Among the titles examined were: Zoom Into Space, Ocean, Dinosaurs, Garden, Farm, Under the Ocean with the Little Yellow Submarine, At the Beach with Snappy the Little Crab and my personal favorite, Jungle.

Thanks to the Independent Publishers Group for providing these review copies.

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