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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Review---The Big Bell and the Little Bell

The Big Bell and the Little Bell
Illustrated by Alastair Graham
Music & Lyrics by Martin Kalmanoff
Boxer Books

An enchanting fantasy feline world is created in the story The Big Bell and the Little Bell.The story within a story takes place at bedtime when Kitten is going to bed and wants to hear a story. Mama is holding a copy of this picture book behind her back as she tucks Kitten into bed. When she snuggles in next to Kitten she begins reading the story.The story is about a big bully bell who thinks he is more important because of his size.

You will be impressed by the artistic talent of the illustrator as you open the pages to a magical kingdom with a kaleidoscope of color complete with castle, king, queen and their royal subjects. You can’t help but notice a “Disney-esque” quality, as he personifies each furry face. The surrounding scenery is intricately detailed and will engage every reader young and old. The accompanying CD with two versions of the music is a wonderful companion for the primary grades. Wonderful tale with a positive message for all.

Wisteria Leigh

I received this book from Picnic Basket where you may also see this and other reviews. Many thanks to Debra for the review copy. The review is also posted there so my thanks to Debra for the review copy.


Ti said...

This book sounds quite charming. My daughter loved kittens. She would probably love this one! I'll check it out.

Ti said...

Pardon my typos.. for some reason my hands just aren't working today! They need another day off apparently.